Mission, Vision and Values

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SAG’s mission is to protect and improve Chile’s productive and renewable natural resources in the forestry, agriculture and livestock area, and ensure the safety of agricultural and livestock materials and food, and to support sustainable and competitive development in the area.


By 2015, SAG will be a public service recognized nationally and internationally for its efficient and technologically advanced processes, and for its quick response to changes in the international environment, and its competent and motivated teams, driving the consolidation of Chile as a country with high plant and animal health standards, a supplier of safe agricultural and livestock food products and a country that protects its renewable natural resources in the forestry, agricultural and livestock area.



We are an institution consisting of public servants who are committed to upholding the relevant laws and standards, acting properly and honestly in everything we do, as required by the nature of our roles or positions, and prioritizing the public interest over our personal interests.


We are an institution that informs citizens about our actions and resolutions, our procedures and the reasons for the decisions we adopt as we carry out our functions, and in fact we encourage citizens to inform themselves, with the sole exception of when confidentiality is established by law. We create spaces for participation by customers and the general public in how we provide our services how we improve them.


As SAG personnel, we are committed to our clients and to responding to their needs, we are motivated by our vocation to the public service, and by furthering the public good. We are committed to the institution and its mission, and proud of our contribution to the development of the domestic forestry, agricultural and livestock sector.


We are an institution that creates trust in our clients, and we are nationally and internationally recognized for our objectiveness and integrity, and because our decisions are made impartially and with technical criteria.


We are an institution of people who are highly skilled at their work, meaning efficient and dynamic management, with proper administration of our resources, reflecting the quality standards that the services we give to the community demand.


We are an institution where people work in teams based on mutual trust, towards achieving our goals and fulfilling institutional objectives. We are also an institution that encourages and accepts internal and external communication, in all our national and international work.