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In order to implement the quality policy, achieve the quality objectives and ensure client satisfaction, SAG has established, documented and implemented a Quality Management System that continuously maintains and improves effectiveness in accordance with the principles and requirements set out in the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

The scope for implementing the Quality Management System of the Agricultural and Livestock Service includes business processes at the national level (namely at the central level and in regional and area offices where these processes take place), which are essential to fulfill the institutional mission and achieve client satisfaction.

The following are included among the product implementation processes:

  • Plant health certification for export plants (origin program).
  • Registration, authorization, inspection and certification of export abattoirs, export deboning plants and export coldstores. (The aforementioned is applicable to fresh porcine, bovine, ovine and poultry meat to be exported to Mexico, the EU and Japan).
  • Inspection of passenger and crew luggage and means of transport that enter the country through terrestrial, air or marine border controls that have SAG personnel.
  • Registration and Control of Veterinary Medications.
  • Monitoring of the agri-environmental sustainability incentive system for agricultural-livestock soils.
  • Export seed varietal certification (in document D-SE-CE-001 the exceptions to the scope of the SGC implementation are set out).
  • Certification of the health of cut, dry and green export wood.
  • Strict agricultural quarantine.

Strategic, support, measurement, analysis and improvement processes are included.