Market access

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The work of the Market Access division is aimed at managing the process of opening markets and facilitating access to them for export products from the Chilean forestry, agriculture and livestock sectors, while working closely with key players in the area. It does so, on the basis of the priorities established by the International Trade Committee, the body responsible for setting policy in this area in coordination with other interested public bodies and private sector stakeholders, which in turn is overseen by ODEPA – the Agricultural Studies and Policy Office.

Opening markets for export products

In order to export a product to a particular market, you must first be aware of its phytosanitary and zoosanitary export requirements, which will depend on the type of product you, wish to export. In order to obtain this information you must check in the export section for the forestry, agricultural and livestock area pertinent to your product of interest.

In these sections you will find lists of quarantine pests for agricultural products, the specific import requirements set out by the destination country, any additional declarations if applicable, among other information; whereas for livestock products you will find all the information required by the destination market, such as general background on animals, requirements for livestock establishments, a model  zoosanitary export certificate, the need or otherwise for additional declarations, instructions for filling these out, and other information.

If your product does not appear on the list for your market of interest, you must make an application to open this market to your product by writing to to begin the process that will both gather all the necessary information and eventually authorize exportation.

It should be noted that the time necessary for opening a market to a product may vary depending on the requirements of the destination market and the measures that must be taken to comply with said requirements, for which reason the whole process may take months or years to complete.