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Chile is a member of various multilateral organizations related to the field of phytosanitary, technical barriers to trade, intellectual property and environment. Participation in this type of agreement seeks to assure that regulations implemented by international markets do not harm the country's export activities and that no unjustified barriers are set up without scientific grounds.

SAG, in the areas of its competence, is responsible for knowing and supporting the implementation of the principles and commitments under multilateral agreements of the Service, and generating the bilateral negotiation frameworks that allow for the implementation of the agreed rules and commitments in its interaction  other countries and / or markets, designed to facilitate and enhance trade.

The main objectives in the field of International Negotiations are:

  • Consistently contribute to the implementation of international agreements and commitments in the agricultural and forestry field, its proper implementation and profit maximization by eliminating unjustified barriers to international trade, and helping to get new and better markets.
  • Strengthen coordination with other public and private levels (ODEPA, DIRECON and Private Associations)
  • Achieve a better and effective coordination among the various SAG units involved in negotiation processes in.