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The Seeds Division of the Agriculture and Livestock Service was created in 1994, by Decree 1,764 of 1977 – known as the “Seeds Law” –  it sets standards for research in seeds, their production and trade. In 1994, was passed Law 19,342  that “Regulates the Rights of Breeders of New Plant Varieties.” 

The mission of the Seeds Division is to “promote and contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the Chilean forestry and agricultural sector by incentivizing registration of new protected varieties and supporting seed and plant certification, as well as by controlling plant nurseries and the plant trade  hence working towards direct, efficient and transparent relationships with both national and international clients and suppliers.”

It is responsible for drafting specific standards and procedures for certifying seeds and fruit-bearing plants, for monitoring the seed and plant trades and for undertaking distinctness, uniformity and stability tests on the registry of protected varieties.

On the other hand, it has a close working relationship and permanent links with all those involved in the acquisition, propagation and production of seeds and plants at  national level, as well as with the different international organizations to which Chile belongs or adheres to, such as the UPOV, OECD, AOSCA, AOSA, ISTA.

The Seeds Division consists of the following technical sub-departments:

Registry of Protected Varieties Sub-department

Seed Certification Sub-department

Seed Trade Sub-department