Vineyards wines, Foodsafety and Biotechnology Sub-department

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Vineyards and Wines, Safety and Biotechnology Sub-department

This subdepartament is in charge of wines, piscos, spirits, ethyl alcohols and vinegars, pesticides, fertilizers and genetically modified organisms (GMO). The objective of this sub-department is to prevent, mitigate or minimize possible adverse effects for human or animal health, or damage to the environment that may occur due to non-compliance with the national standard that regulates the products under its competence.

To fulfill this objective, the Sub-department is organized into three technical sections, which are mainly oriented towards establishing regulations and technical guidelines for supervising and following-up on processes, stages and key players who participate in the production, preparation, trade, export, import, manufacture, possession and sale of the aforementioned agricultural products and materials and in other activities associated with them, as well as carrying out the authorization and registration assessments required for each process.

Accordingly, the technical sections of the Sub-department are the following:

  • Vineyard wine Section
  • Foodsafety Section
  • Biotechnology Section